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Configuring password sync within Glued

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Password sync happen automatically every 3 hours, but only for passwords that you have selected to sync. Passwords are first created in ITG and then imported into CWA. From then on, the sync is two-way; if the password is updated in one platform, it is automatically updated in the other. Whichever platform has the most recent edit when the sync occurs will override the other.
  1. Ensure that the client in CWA is mapped to the organization in ITG. See the article on client mapping here.
  2. With the password(s) already created, open the desired client within CWA and select the Glued Passwords tab.
  3. Click the button to Import Passwords.
  4. Check the box for any passwords you’d like to sync.
  5. Click Save Settings and Sync now. This will cause the passwords to be retrieved via https, encrypted, and copied to the passwords table in the database.
  6. Check the Passwords tab to see the newly created passwords
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