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Glued – Script Functions – Get Config Information By Computer ID

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This script function will return the configuration information for a specified organization id and computer id, making it simple to retrieve the config for a specific computer when you don’t know the config id. This does require that the computer id be synced from CWA to ITG, but it can also be synced with the matching config in CWM. Similar to the script function “SQL Fetch DataSet Row”, this function will return all values into individual variables if a specific field is not requested. For instance, if you want to retrieve the “model” for a specific configuration, you can access that field with the variable “@gluemodel@”.

The organization name used is the ITG organization id. If not known, it can be retrieved using the applicable script function. The computer id is required as well. If a single field is specified to be retrieved, the value will be returned to %pluginresults% provided the information specified is valid; otherwise it will contain the error.

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