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Glued – Setup and Client Mapping

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Configure API settings and client mapping within CWA to ITG organizations

Use the following steps to configure API settings for the Glued plugin, and then to map CWA clients to ITG organizations. Clients must be mapped to organizations in order for ANY sync process to work for that client. Script functions that allow the organization ID to be specified can be used without mapping, but the API key and URL are still required for the script functions to work.
  1. Open Glued from the Tools menu
  2. In the API key field, enter in the API key. This should be created from the ITG Account page under the API Keys section and starts with “ITG.”.
  3. If you’re using ITG in the US, leave the API URL as is. If you’re using the EU hosts, update the URL to
  4. Check the box for any items that you would like automatically sync. Webroot, MBAM, and the others are synced automatically on a schedule when enabled.
  5. Click Save Settings to save the API key, URL, and sync settings.
  6. Click Import Organizations to get the list of organizations from ITG.
  7. In the client mapping section, select the appropriate organization from the drop down list beside each Automate client.
  8. Click the Save Mappings button.
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