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Glued – Script Functions – Get Flexible Asset Information

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This script function will return the flexible asset id and either an individual field value, or all fields and values for a specified flexible asset type. Similar to the script function “SQL Fetch DataSet Row”, this function will return all values into individual variables if a specific field is not requested. For instance, if a field exists with the name “Computer Name”, you can access that field with the variable “@gluecomputer-name@”.
The organization name used is the ITG organization id. If not known, it can be retrieved using the applicable script function ( The asset type id is the numeric id of the flexible asset id type, not the individual flexible asset. If there are multiple flexible assets of the specified type for the organization, only the first one will be retrieved. If a field is specified to be retrieved, the value will be returned to %pluginresults%. The flexible asset id will be returned to @glueflexibleassetid@.
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